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and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope,
and our faith becometh unshaken…
Jacob 4:6 

What’s This?

A Focus on the Good

We use phrases like “I know” and “the church is true” without really thinking about it. But some people feel like they can’t say those things.
The point of this document and this site is to help you feel like it’s okay to simply have hope.
Because there are a lot of reasons for hope.

Some Amazing Resources

Book of Mormon Central

With hundreds of reasons for faith – called “KnoWhys” – this site is a treasure trove of “wow” moments.

The Maxwell Institute

With dozens of well-researched and in-depth publications available online for free, this should be a mainstay of your studies.

FAIRMormon’s Evidences

FAIR has been collecting evidences for decades and has a list much larger than my own. You must check it out today if you haven’t yet!

Latter-day Saint Philosopher

Latter-day Saint Philosopher brings careful thought and common sense to subjects we may have deep assumptions about.


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