Conference Miracles

Here are a few miracles shared on the Latter-day Saints subreddit during conference this year:

“So I left the church (and did the record removal) about 18 months ago. I started feeling drawn back to church about a month ago and so decided to watch conference. I can’t recall ever feeling the spirit so strongly. I was moved to tears at times. So; I’ve decided to contact my bishop and begin the steps towards coming back.”

“I’ve been having doubts myself. And I’ve been praying and receiving nothing. I prayed before conference to know it was true, and the first session just irritated me with incredulous stories and stupid Mormon culture. I held out and Sunday morning it felt like President Nelson was speaking to me. I felt the spirit hit. He made a really good point. And to paraphrase, you aren’t going to know without putting the effort in. You can’t just pray and expect to get an answer, but you have to put yourself in the path of god for him to talk to you. That was my interpretation anyway. If you didn’t go watch that talk.”

“Due to anxiety and depression, I have a hard time feeling the Spirit very often. But during President Nelson’s talk, I felt it so strongly and it gave me chills and I teared up. President Nelson is our prophet on Earth today! How lucky we are to have this church, with the gospel and inspired messages from its leaders. I can’t wait to study all the wonderful talks that were given this weekend.”

“president nelson’s talk was exactly what i needed to hear today”

“This whole session feels like it has been personally designed for me. It had my favorite hymns, favorite speakers and spoke directly to my soul on subjects I’ve been pondering on for the last few months.”

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